Prayer of healing 5e

Each time a new game has been introduced and this obviously means it will offer its own taste. Well, prayer of healing is not about healing rather it is a game and it comes under dragon and dungeon.

Ray of Frost 5e

Basic information about Prayer of Healing

  • Name – prayer of healing
  • Time of casting – 10 minutes
  • Range – 30 feet
  • Duration – Instantaneous
  • Components – V
  • Classes – cleric
  • Level – 2
  • School – evocation
  • Healing – 2d8 (when you cast this spell by using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, the healing increases by 1d8 for each slot level above 2nd.
  • Target – up to six creatures of your choice that you can see within range

Here, in this game up to six creatures of your choice you will be able in seeing within range each regains Hit Points equal to 2d8 + your Spellcasting Ability modifier. And this one has no effect on undead or constructs.

Note – at the higher levels – when you will be casting this spell using a spell slot of the 3rd level or higher or the healing increases by 1d8 for every slot level above 2nd!

In combat application

in the very beginning of the combat, the player will have to cast the spell. If in the game either of the front line guys or gals takes any damage. The healing process is very simple and easy and this can be done by moving the ‘fey spirit’. This would only demand a bonus action for moving the healing fey spirit 30 feet. Then one needs not to worry about their enemies.

Non- combat healing

now this part has its own process which anyone could use up. If this is possible keep save the healing Spirit spell for after combat. Everyone present out there can get up to the maximum of 10d6 worth of healing. This one is an average of 35 hit points (HPs) PER player character (PC). Although, there is no limitation of healing and this is one of the best part one could say.

When your DM will say this to you that only a creature can occupy a 5*5 space. The healing spirit can have an average of 35 HPs to have about 32 or even more medium-sized creatures! This one has the ability of 1120 HPs worth healing! Even the mass healing has arrived for the masses!

Final words

Every game has own terms and conditions the prayer of healing is also one of them with its pros and cons. One who might be joining this combat they will surely fall for something new. Although the innate conduct of the game will be the same this is one of a common thing in the games of dragon and dungeon.

So, people who all are struggling to get the fact and essential details about a prayer of healing 5e, then without going for a second thought, have a look at above discussion. Yes, it will be helpful for all the seekers that who all are looking for a long time can make use of it.


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