Produce flame 5th Edition (5E) D&D

Produce Flame (5E): the game is also from the category of D&D. this game appears in hand.  The name truly justifies the game as the flame remains there for a long time and do not harm anyone neither or nor your tools.

Table of Contents

Basic info

  • Time of casting – one action
  • Components – V S
  • Range – self (zero ft.)
  • Duration – 10 minutes
  • Classes – Druid
  • Attack or saves – ranged spell attack
  • Reference – PHB 269
  • Spell Resistance – yes
  • Saving throw – none
  • Effect – a flame in your palm
  • Damage/ effect – fire
  • Attack/ save – ranged
  • School – conjuration
  • Level – cantrip

The game has some awesome features which make it easy and comfortable.

  • You can attack with flame.
  • This flame can work on 30 feet taller creature.
  • It targets on 1d8 fire damage


the flickering flame would appear on your hand. And it has the ability to fight with even 30 feet giant creatures. So if you are planning to attack, then by taking help of this you can attack.

There are some advantages which are quite helping or can say appreciating. One may use for starting bigger fires, warm up leftovers, burn ropes (stuff for which flames are handy)

As it has already been cleared that flame is not going to destroy either of things you or your tools (that is a good sign). The flame is made up of somatic components so that your druid would require a free hand and no gag. The use of this flame can be done for touching enemies. You can sue it by attacking with a melee touch.

The opponent will have to deal with the fire damage equal to 1 d6 + point per caster level (maximum +5). The other thing which you can do with this is that hurl up the flame about 120 feet. Means you can use it as a weapon. While you were doing sp you will have to attack with a ranged touch attack.  One important thing to note here is that each remaining duration to 0 minutes or less. This would end when the spell would get over.

NOTE – the spell is not going to function underwater.

As the good part about the flame, 5e is it is not harmful and it is going to accept the command which is for staying as promised duration. But the flame would be staying in your hand and this would end when the spell would get over.  Look every game has its own pros and cons; the flame has its own.

Millions of people are even accepting the game as it is. And with time it brings changes that too for good. Such as the 5e came up with different variations and that is always new.


the game can be opted and enjoyed well. It would set you to all sorts of players. So play it and enjoy every level of it. Before you get confused about the game, you must see it and then start playing it. All the best!

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