Genasi D&D 5th Edition (5E)

Genasi is one another races from the book princess and Parklands it has medium size with humanoid type and it has also the disease of natural.

Genasi 5th Edition has generally life span between 72 years to 110 years. And it has subraces which are storm soul Genasi, Water Genasi, Earth Genasi, Air Gensai, and Fire Genasi etc.

Dragon and Dungeon Genasi 5e do not keep any contact along with their parents even after they know their existence is possible because of their primary parents.

But they are keen towards their chief offspring which they find mortal.  Some even do not know about their Genasi. But there are some few Genasi who are found out of this world which has outcasts and driven into the outer world.

This is because if its unsettling look and individual fascinating force. They usually hold high leadership quality and can sway the humanoids.  They are found at the weird locations and if talking in particular then it is uncultivated lands. So it is not easy to find them.

Genasai D&D 5th Edition

Genasi 5eStatistics

Size: Medium
Type: Humanoid
Alignment: Usually neutral

Genasi General Info

Vision: Darkvision
Average Lifespan: 72–110 years
Homeland’s: Abeir, Akanûl, Calimshan, Laerakond
Language’s: Common, Primordial
Subraces: Earth Genasi, Fire Genasi, Stormsoul GEenasi, Water Genasi, Air Genasi, etc.

Genasi Appearance

  • Average Height
  • Average Weight

D&D Genasi Traits (5E)

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Ability Score Increase

  •  Wisdom score increases by 1.

Acid Resistance

  •  have resistance to acid damage.


  • We can breathe the air and water.


  • we have a swimming speed of 30 feet.

Heirs to Elemental Power

When the Dragon and Dungeon 5e Genasi acquire and it holds its qualities from both the sides and can also duplicate the human being, not every time but sometimes. It has also skin colour which is usually found grey, green, red and blue or sometimes even a mix of these rare colours. The component of blood flows in their body veins. The dragon and Dungeon have different characteristics and hold an enchanting power which is very high.

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Genasi has s much quality that it has the ability to present the behaviour of those human whoever are living inside on the earth and also who are on the earth so it has really creditable quality.  Moreover, it has some other qualities such as it can be pointed ear region, on the other hand, it has a quality of the remembrance of the dead parents, a frame which has thick hair, draft, small hands, and super small hand’s. So this Genasi has big eyes and humungous forms.


Wild and confident

Genasi 5e has rally genus which has low such Genasi who lacks confidence. You yourself can observe themselves as an influential and challenging person ion their way. They definitely would barefaced and they are indeed grateful. They confirm themselves as the only Genesis and it can be really so rude in another case.

Such sort of self-confidence can be put other Genasi of 5e at the verge of risk their plans can be biased for their whole plan and other related Genasi. They are lacking conference so they should be aware of the fact that they should encourage themselves to work little harder and develop.

Genasi lands D&D

As you know they are found at the untamed lands.  And there are so many reasons that things have been possible such as they do not meet similar sort of their Genasi due to they do not keep any contact along with them.

Although they are then (Genasi 5e) cannot be said best among its species, kingdom or cities, because from starting they do not keep contact with their elementary parents so they have very small troops or you can say community as they are less in numbers and more in qualities so they are able to adapt others culture more easily and follow up the society where they took birth.

Their look is not normal and it is difficult for them sometimes.  If you would notice them rarely raises their eyebrows and they are as different in looks so it also makes them unique.

Genasi on Athas

There is one more world which can be said their place and it is the dark sun which sets and these influential primary forces have the humungous heights and they usually are not interested in other worlds.  There is a story about their birth which is said to be slave birth, noble or any sort of desert tribe.

Gensai faces hard time it might be because they are less in numbers of different accepting mild. Or it might be because of the cold shoulder and peculiar sort of the brightness which is the best Genasi 5e.

If you want to witness them they are more found in the backward areas they are so full of strengths that they are ready for every situation that they are ready to face even any sort of problems and even violence. They are so full of strengths that whenever they are into tough situations and they are not finding anything they can make mountains, lakes, deserts, forests and underground area as their homes.

So many sorts of air and fire D and D 5e Genasi are in the states of the turf and are usually the djinn predecessor which can easily rule Calimshan. More than above 1000 years the D and D 5e Genasi bloodiness is suffusion in different lands.  There are some of the D and D 5e Genasi who can stay ancient homelands.

The complete history of the Genasi 5e

Every Gensai is long lasting and it has its power which can be followed as some background as per their choice. These air Genasi 5e are kind of happy Gensai and they are so proud of the complete homelands.  They are sort of who believes in a particular place for a long time, they seek for the fresh adjustment where they can find their breath peacefully.

They prefer to live in places like High Mountain, deserts and like plains.  D and D 5e are so capable of using the perfect background and the complete earth D and D 5e Genasi have paramount withdrawal power. They keep complete connections along with the earth and they are very much comfortable with any cities.

They have very different sort of power and size which establishes them as a natural form of the soldiers and they are able to easily deportment which usually encourages them. So in total, they have a very unique character just like their races.

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