Orzhov 5e Background for Dungeons and Dragons

The Orzhov Syndicate once followed a certified religion, however, nowadays, their divine beings are influence and riches. They just keep up remnants of their old confidence in view of the settled in power structure, also the control it gives them over the majority. The Orzhov flourish with business, the purchasing and selling of everything from spells to land to slaves.

They established the Moon Market, a shadowy bazaar where truly anything can be purchased at the correct cost. Because of their ability at bargains, also a well-put reward or three, Orzhov impact is felt all over the place, from the most noteworthy Azorius court to the least road canal. Blackmail and private alcove dealings are it was nothing really for the Orzhov Syndicate, where everything has a cost and strings are constantly connected.

Orzhov 5e

To discover the Orzhov, the adage went, follow the gold. The alleged Guild of Deals was an inflexible order with the rich phantom patriarchs administering from the top and innumerable obligated hirelings shaping the base. Holding this delicate social request set up was a facade of strict grandeur and custom, however, few accepted the Orzhov venerate any god other than a coin.

The Orzhov 5e first-class love to discuss blame and sin – not as an approach to address conduct yet as an approach to legitimize coercing from and in any case rebuffing the blame ridden accommodating. But they are mindful so as to keep up the impression of heavenliness, or else the complaint may get unclean thoughts.

Skill Proficiencies: Intimidation, Religion
Language Proficiencies: Two of your choice
Equipment: An Orzhov insignia, a foot-long chain made of ten gold coins, vestments, a set of fine clothes, and a belt pouch containing 1 pp (an Orzhov-minted 10-zino coin)

Orzhov reliable record past to have their brains cleansed of “sullied” wants. There, the guiltwardens wipe out any musings of expectation or independence.

Spell LevelSpells
CantripFriends ,  Guidance
1stCommand ,  Illusory Script
2ndEnthrall ,  Ray of Enfeeblement ,  Zone of Truth
3rdBestow Curse ,  Speak With Dead ,  Spirit Guardians
4thBlight ,  Death Ward ,  Leomund's Secret Chest

The Orzhov organization is established on the conviction that riches is influence, that structure breeds riches, and that blame makes structure. The society is run like a blend religion, credit-loaning office, and wrongdoing syndicate. A pompous progressive system of clerics, authorities, and spooky councillors leads over an assembly of blame bound supporters, obliged undead, and thrill workers. Numerous Orzhov organization individuals genuinely accept that their standard is important for making Ravnica as well as can be expected be, and they are corrupt in their techniques for holding onto power. Most Ravnicans see the Orzhov for the degenerate association they are, however many are attracted in by their guarantees of riches, distinction, and life span.

Personality traits

1. I am always willing to act in accordance with the financial incentive offered.
2. Debts are never meant to be forgiven.
3. I am accustomed to enjoying the finest pleasures money can buy.
4. No one could doubt that I am a cut above the masses of pitiful peasants that infest the city.
5. I can’t stand to spend a zib more than necessary to purchase what I need.
6. I hate it when people try to make light of a serious situation.
7. I want to make sure everyone is aware of how wealthy, powerful, and important I am.
8. I can’t think of anything to look forward to.

Not long after its marking, Teysa’s pledge end up being excessively frail and the societies self-destructed. This brought about the societies looking for new open doors for themselves as well as can be expected. The Orzhov keep doing what they excel at, from thuggery and cheating to craftsmanship support and self-serving altruism.


1. Guild: My guild is all that really matters. (Any)
2. Wealth: I will do whatever it takes to become as rich as the oligarchs. (Evil)
3. Power: One day, I will be the one giving orders. (Evil)
4. Prestige: I want to be admired, respected, feared, or even hated for my position and wealth. (Evil)
5. Stability: The economy functions best when chaos is kept under control and everyone knows their place. (Lawful)
6. Eternity: I want to live forever — in the flesh as long as possible, and as a spirit afterwards. (Any)

The Orzhov Syndicate may shroud themselves in a facade of religion, however, it’s each of the hoaxes. This bogus devotion is just a smokescreen and a method for control. Their genuine business will be a matter of fact: there’s no money related managing or exchange that the Orzhov don’t think about, if not through and through control. The Ghost Council, made up of the godlike spirits of past Orzhov pioneers, ensure that nothing holds up the traffic of the Syndicate administering Ravnica through gold and voracity.


1. The unbearable weight of my debt has driven me to desperation.
2. I’m duty-bound to obey the dictates of an ancestor on the Ghost Council.
3. I value my worldly goods more highly than my mortal life.
4. An oligarch publicly humiliated me, and I will exact revenge on that whole family.
5. My faith in the Obzedat never wavers.
6. I want to prove myself more worthy than an older sibling and thereby ensure that I inherit a greater share of my parents’ wealth.


1. I hold a scandalous secret that could ruin my family forever — but could also earn me the favor of the Ghost Council.
2. I’m convinced that everyone I know is plotting against me.
3. I’ll brave any risk if the monetary reward is great enough.
4. I am convinced that I am far more important than anyone else is willing to acknowledge.
5. I have little respect for anyone who isn’t wealthy.
6. I’ll take any opportunity to steal from wealthier people, even for worthless trinkets.

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