Firbolg 5E D&D (5th Edition)

The indestructible Firbolg 5e is seen as large kin that stands alone from the other sentient races in the legendary game of Dungeons and Dragons. It is the most intelligent and brilliant characters among the kin. It prefers to live in colonies like the other characters do in the game. The most favoured activity of the creatures is farming but they also hunt and gather food from time to time.

Firbolg 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons

They are not the same as their species are believed to be and mostly they are known as the raiders of the farmlands. Normally the Firbolg 5E D&D is not a careless wanderer rather a creature that prefers to lead a life of orderliness and organisation.

Discipline is a term used to define the creatures in the game but the other characters of the game consider them vicious and villainous.

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D&D Firblog 5E Features and Appearance

They look similar to the humans but with the addition of a long beard. They have pink skin and the colour of their hair is blonde. Their characteristics are the same as the male Europeans belonging to the northern hemisphere. They think that people who wear armours are weaklings and hence they only wear protection gears when they are fighting on the warzone.

Here are some of the features of the Firbolg:

  • You can raise the score by two in the game and the score for strength will increase by one.
  • They are similar to humanoids with longer life. They reach adulthood in thirty and can live for more than five hundred years.
  • They are mostly a good set of people and some only in their group are evil. They are not friendly towards some of their set.
  • The size of the creatures ranges between seven and eight feet tall. Their weight ranges from two-forty pounds to three hundred pounds. However, the size you will be fixed will be medium in both height and weight.
  • The walking speed of Firbolg is thirty feet.
  • The creatures can allow the gamers to use the wisdom with which you will be able to detect the magic and also use this talent for disguise. If you cast the spell you will not have to access to use it the second time. You can take a long and short rest to get the power back. After the utilisation of the self-disguise, you will be three feet shorter than usual. This will allow you to mix with the humans and Elvis easily.

Firbolg 5e General Info

  • Vision: Low-light vision, Normal Vision
  • Average Lifespan: Up to 500 years
  • Homeland’s: Feywild, Remote regions of Faerûn, Ice Spires
  • Language’s: Common, Giant, Elven
  • Favoured Terrain: Hills, forests

The 5e statistics of Firbolg D&D

  • They are of a medium height which ranges from 10’6″ – 11’4″ (3.2–3.5 m) and weight 610–710 lbs. (280–320 kg)
  • They belong to the type of humanoids
  • They are called as Firbolg

Firbolg 5e Appearance

  • Average Height: 10’6″ – 11’4″ (3.2–3.5 m)
  • Average Weight: 610–710 lbs. (280–320 kg)
  • Hairstyle: Thick beards

Extra Information

  • Normal and low light vision
  • They can live for five hundred years
  • They belong to the regions of Ice Spires, Feywild and Remote regions of Faerûn
  • They speak the languages of Giant, Elven and Common
  • Their favourable terrains are hills and forests
  • They have visibly long beards.
  • The female Firbolg carries the baby in the womb for two years after which she will give birth.


There is a goddess called Hiatea all the characters worship her. This deity represents people about nature. The identifiable symbol of this goddess is the spear with flames.

She has the power of long leg which she can transform as the giantess. She has red colour hair and her eyes are hazel brown. She is a true protector and a powerful hunter in the Firbolg 5th Edition.

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Ordaining between the giants is a social order and all the characters are completely against this order. They all are very individualistic and they refuse to bind with any clan stereotypes. The code is a system which determines the hallmark of the characteristics of the Firbolg 5e. This implementation may vary from each and every system.

The code is often meant as more than an individual the society upholds superior position. Rather than the fate of an individual their heritage determines their actions the system thinks this way. If there is any breach Firbolg is treated as a tribe of a slave. There are more extreme situations where he is completely banished from society. One positive element about the code is that all the creatures are treated equally according to it.

Firbolg D&D 5th Edition practice a democracy which is known as the casts that are calling upon all the members of the tribe. With the help of the rune engraved stone, they cast all their votes on the most important cases.

The Firbolg 5E PDF socialise quite well with members of all the other species. They are very honest and telling a lie is very depressing for them and this could also cause them some physical discomfort.

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Most of the time the Firbolg reside in isolated areas such as forest and hilly places this makes it hard for them to trust people very easily. The characters are built with protective roofs and defensive towers so that they can be alert when facing an enemy.


The race began when the wife of Annam the deity was not loyal to her husband. She had an affair with the lord and also had four children’s with him. She was poisoned by her son itself when she tried to save the citadel she prevented him to do such an act. When dying she cursed him which ended up in facing dire consequences and the son fled to the place called Arborea. Kenku 5e

The notable Firbolg 5th Edition


In the kingdom of harvestable, he served as a mighty warrior. In the kings Camden reign, he served

And led the scout’s organisation and later inherited that place. The most important attributes are loyalty and honour. He was very kind and compassionate towards the poor. He was loved by many young people like a father.


He is a significant assassin of the night masks but later became the companion of cadderly. He was an amazing person. He was 12 feet tall and his hair was red in colour.

Vander was born in the Firbolg community but when he became an assassin the ghosts made him do evil acts due to which he killed people of his own community. These are some of the special features and talents of Firbolg in D and D.

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