Category: Spells

Clairvoyance 5e (5th Edition) D&D

Under the D&D many of games come and one of them is Clairvoyance 5e. It is obviously different from hellish rebuke 5e. However, all of them belong to the same game but they are here with different pleasure. Guiding Bolt […]

Divine Word D&D 5th Edition (5E)

The divine word 5e shaping the world: The dawn of creating that shaped the world to utter a divine word also imbued with a superpower. So check out to see a range from them and you can now choose any creature. […]

Bless 5th edition (5e) D&D

Have you ever played Bless 5e? If not then you are missing one of the greatest things in your life which you should not. This one is different in everything whether it is its casting time or range but definitely […]

Disguise self 5th Edition D&D (5E)

About – Games have become one of the most entertaining sources now a day.  Disguise self 5e is just taking its players on a new wonder and adventure where they would find something very different from others. you can know […]

Shocking grasp 5e (5th Edition) D&D

Have you heard about shocking grasp 5e? Of course, you must have heard about it because this game comes under dungeon and dragon. But these games belong to D&D with some other features. D&D 5e Character sheet About – it […]

Entangle D&D 5th Edition (5e)

Third Version D&D was generally hailed as a huge improvement over Second Release. 3.5 refined the game further yet at the same time had various issues. The fourth Version rolled out radical improvements to take care of those issues and […]

Produce flame 5th Edition (5E) D&D

Produce Flame (5E): the game is also from the category of D&D. this game appears in hand.  The name truly justifies the game as the flame remains there for a long time and do not harm anyone neither or nor your […]

Thaumaturgy D&D 5th Edition (5E)

Thaumaturgy 5e in D&D: We all are well aware of the many fantastic elements of the game Dungeons and Dragons. This is a guide to the excellent Thaumaturgy 5e in D and D. This level is called the cantrip. The cantrip […]

Chain lightning 5e (5th Edition) D&D

It is a form of lightening which moves faster on a zigzag path along with one end divided (fork-like) forked lightning. This is an abrupt electric discharge emit from the cloud and pass by the cloud to cloud. This is […]

Ray of Frost 5e D&D 5th Edition

Ray of Frost is a frigid beam filled with light white streaks that are hit on the cold damage as well as the speed is also reduced with 10 feet until you start for the next turn. The damage of […]