Hellish rebuke 5E (5th Edition) D&D

Time of the casting – one reaction, which you would take in the response to being damaged by a creature within 60 feet of you that you will be able to see! you can know more information about hellish rebuke spell for dungeons and dragons game.

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This one is about handling the player who denies for giving an identity to their characters and picking up the right spell for you and racism in homebrew worlds. This is a frequent case with this game.

Basic Information about hellish rebuke 5th edition spell

  • Range – it will be 60 feet
  • Duration – instant
  • Classes- warlock
  • Components – V S
  • Attack/ save – DEX Save
  • Range/ Area – 60 ft
  • Level – 1st
  • School – evocation
  • Damage/ effect – fire
  • Sources – PHB 250, SRD 154

Those who have played Hellish Rebuke they are already aware of the facility of it. But those who are not aware of this game they are surely missing a great fun of life. Here in this game, you point your finger and then the creature which would have damaged you will be surrounded by the hellish flames.

This is so easy and simple to do with hellish rebuke. The creature would even make a Dexterity saving throw. This one even takes 2d10 fire that damages on a failed saves or even half as much as damage on a successful one.

The game has, of course, a different level and each level has its own importance and enjoyment, which is surely a good thing about the game.  The game is quite enjoyable at every level.

The level shows the quality and quantity which the game is offering to its audience. It is no less than wonderful with such a pretty qualities. Let’s discuss some of its episodes, for an example lets discuss episode number 15.

Review the game

Listen! If you truly love this game then you should at least share about this game with your friends and family, all deserve to know about this game. As the game has very brilliant features.

The other thing which is important than anything else and that is about reviewing the game. It becomes obligatory that reviewing the game in a proper way otherwise it will not reach the audiences it should. So this duty if of every player who genuinely likes this game!

However, hellish rebuke is getting so much popular that the shirts have started coming in the name of this game. Still, there is part which needs to be shared with people. Under the hellish rebuke, one should enjoy what they were missing. The game is actually known for its unique quality which others do not have.

At a higher level

whenever you would cast this spell using a spell slot of the second level or even higher! The damage would increase by 1s10 for every slot of the level above 1st.


hellish rebuke has even more features.  But share with as much as people as you can that is how you can thank to the people. But before you should start playing it you need to check its basic information.

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