Climber’s Kit 5e for D&D

Essentially, this 5e climber’s kit includes the special pitons, boot tips, gloves, and also control. As an exploit you can use this 5e climbers kit to anchor yourself at whatever time you do, you can not fall more than 25 feet from the point wherever you anchored yourself and also you can not climb more than 25 feet away from that point without undoing this anchor.

The use of a Climber’s Kit allows a creature to easily scale cliffs, castle walls, and more, as well as helping you not fall to your death if you do slip.

Climbing is hard and hazardous work, though some editions in the past went a bit overboard with how often you should roll for checks. For my own homebrew, we are going with for every 100 feet you climb, there is a check. This keeps the number of checks to a minimum as well as create a type of skill challenge when it comes to climbing huge cliffs of doom. You could always adjust how often you call for checks to match your table’s enjoyment.

Climber’s Kit 5e

The basic poison can be used with the vial to coat any piercing or slashing weapon or ammunition with three pieces. You can take action by applying the poison. The creature hit with the ammunition or poisoned weapon will offer to take the poison damage with 1D4 or Constitution saving throw with a DC 10. Before drying the applied poison, the potency can be retained for 1 minute.

  • Category: Items
  • Item Rarity: Very Rare
  • Weight: 12

You can get the first apparatus from your class that includes the altogether pack and numerous useful adventuring gears with collections. The below-listed packs are offered under the equipment packs. In case if you prefer to purchase the starting equipment then it is advisable to purchase as a pack instead of purchasing the items individually to save your money. The grant is used advantages to get the Strength checks by applying the crowbar’s leverage.

Scholar Pack – This pack includes a small knife, a bag of sand (small-size), parchment of 10 sheets, an ink pen, an ink bottle, a lore book, and a backpack.

Priest’s Pack– It includes a waterskin, rations of 2 days, vestments, a censor, incense of 2 blocks, an alms box, a tinderbox, 10 candles, a blanket, and a backpack.

Entertainer’s Pack – This pack contains a disguise kit, a waterskin, rations of 5 days, 5 candles, 2 costumes, a bedroll, and a backpack.

Dungeoneer’s Pack  – It contains a waterskin, rations of 10 days, a tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 pitons, a hammer, a crowbar, and a backpack. This pack will also include some side strapped hempen rope of 50 feet size.

Burglar’s Pack  – This pack includes a waterskin, a tinderbox, rations of 5 days, 2 oil flasks, a hooded lantern, 10 pitons, a hammer, a crowbar, 5 candles, a bell, strings of 10 feet, a bag containing 1000 ball bearings, and a backpack. This pack will also include some side strapped hempen rope of 50 feet size

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