Ray of Frost 5e D&D 5th Edition

Ray of Frost is a frigid beam filled with light white streaks that are hit on the cold damage as well as the speed is also reduced with 10 feet until you start for the next turn. The damage of the spell is increased by reaching the 17th, 11th and fifth level of the range. The casting time which is taken by the follower is one action with the range of 60 feet instantaneously.

Description of Ray of Frost 5e

The beam of action is very fire that is created by the ice creature which can be seen. Spell check range of attack started by the cold damage and simultaneously the speed will be reduced when it reaches 10 feet at the start level of the next turn.

The creature range is appeared to strike The White blue streaks based upon the target and the speed is also overwhelmed when it appears towards the target. The next cold damage will be targeted based upon the speed and their enemies will be attacked during the time of war.

Attributes of Ray Frost

  • Damage 1d8
  • Level 0
  • Name Ray of Frost
  • School avocation
  • Target design a creature with a limit range
  • Components VS
  • Classes wizard and sorcerer
  • Duration instantaneous
  • Damage type cold
  • Spell attack is defined with ranged

Nature of working

Actually the Frost is generated by two times of the charge varies the duration and the channel created in the iceberg will attack the enemies for every 5 seconds while dealing 120 percentage of the power. The power damage will be slowed down many times the moment of 60 percentages simultaneously each and every frost-free will be damaged and it will be increased by 10% age

River Frost game is one of the interesting and it is like a bridge and ladder adventurous game like dungeons. It is one of the creative and adventurous games which follow the complete rules and regulations.

It mainly targets the damage and creature which is very strong designed with solid quantities with a different spell in nature. The game is narrated with a lot of magical effects which includes dungeons and dragons with different abilities and affirmative limitations invented in a creative way.

Even though, a lot of limitations is occurred to prevent the magic freedom of the game and also to add the abilities by nature.

The personal abilities look in a limited version when compared to the figure and environment so to overcome those limitations the goals of the spells are achieved magically.

To overcome the limitations create a magical environment to motivate against challenges and to overcome a great with a new type of abilities. In this game, you have the option of breaking long tradition with some different magic by paying the attention of other players who play positive or even in the negative form.


The reign of fire Frost will attack its coolest spells which is one of the most advantage and have checked its attributes then and then in order to continue the spell till the end.

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