Conjure elemental 5e (5th Edition) D&D

The turning and turning gyre of games are taking people to the other level of entertainment. Conjure Elemental 5e is one such game that has introduced so many new things which earlier was not even imaginable.

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Basic Information about Conjure Elemental

  • Level – 5 (conjuration)
  • Attack – None
  • Casting time – one minute
  • Range (area) – 90 feet
  • Damage (effect) – summoning
  • Components – V, S, M (burning incense for air, soft clay for the earth, sulphur and phosphorus for fire, or water and sand for water)
  • School – Conjuration
  • Duration – one hour
  • Classes – Druid, wizard

From the elemental servant, the player will have to single out an area that has air, water, earth, or fire and that ought to fill a 10-foot cube within range.

Sample Elementals

CRCreature Name
1/4Steam Mephit
5Air Elemental, Earth Elemental, Fire Elemental, Salamander, Water Elemental, Xorn
1/2Dust Mephit, Ice Mephit, Magma Mephit, Magmin
2 Azer, Gargoyle
6 Invisible Stalker

Take an example for understanding it in a better way, it is known fact that a Fire Elemental emerges from the bonfire, and an Earth Elemental rises up from the ground. The elemental fades when it drops to O Hit Points or when it even spells over.

This will be very friendly to you and your partner for a certain period. Roll Initiative for the elemental, which has its own turns. It even accepts voice-based commas that you would issue to it (there will not be any action needed by you). If you are not going to issue any commands to the elemental then it would defend from the Hostile creatures but otherwise, it will take no actions.

NOTE- When the concentration will be broken then the Elemental Conjure will fade away. Then the next thing which will occur is losing the grip on the elemental conjure. On the other hand, it will turn into Hostile towards you and your partners and this might even maul. Plus this is to keep in the mind and heart that an uncontrolled elemental cannot be banished by you. This would fade away from one hour after you would summon it. The DM will have statics of the elemental.

At the Higher levels – while casting this spell by using a spell slot of 6th level or even higher, the challenge rating by one for each slot level above 5th.

‘Here is the list of Monsters of type elemental that should be summonable by the ‘conjures Elemental’ spell.

  • 5 Elemental, Air
  • 5 Xorn
  • 1 Salamander, Fire snake
  • ¼ Mephit, mud
  • ¼ Mephit, smoke
  • 2 Azer
  • ½ Mephit, Dust
  • ¼ Mephit, steam
  • ½ ,ephit, Ice
  • ½ Mephit, Magma
  • 2 Gargoyle
  • 3 Water weird
  • 5 elemental, earth
  • 5 elemental, fires
  • 5 Salamanders
  • 6 Galeb Duhr
  • 11 Genie, Dao

And many more (actually list is long but you may check out the whole list)

Materials Required

Burning Incense For Air, Soft Clay For Earth, Sulfur And Phosphorus For Fire, Or Water And Sand For Water


while ending with the word ‘must try out game’, this is the word which is coming to the mind for the time being now. Many assume first and try later but with elemental experience ever stage in its unique way. The game holds more features you just need to play it well.

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