Chain lightning 5e (5th Edition) D&D

It is a form of lightening which moves faster on a zigzag path along with one end divided (fork-like) forked lightning. This is an abrupt electric discharge emit from the cloud and pass by the cloud to cloud. This is how it even comes on the earth by the emission of light.

Basic information

  • Casting Time – one action
  • Range – 150 feet
  • Classes – Sorcerer, wizard
  • Components – V S M (a bit of fur: a piece of amber, crystal rod, glass: and three silver pins)
  • Duration – Instant
  • Damage/ Effect – Lightning
  • School – evocation
  • Level – 3rd
  • Attack/ save – DEX save

Here, in the chain lightning, one creates a bolt of lightning that humps towards the target of your choice. And you are allowed to see within range. There will be three bolts then leap from that target to as many as three other targets. And every target will be within 30 feet of the first target. The targets might be any creature or an object and can even be targeted by only one of the bolts.

These games are very interesting because they all work differently and they even truly justify with their names. While playing them it, this creates curiosity. As they are 100- foot long, 5- foot wide lightning strikes you in a direction you single out. They are even creature in the line which must make a Dexterity save. The spell even concordat 4d6 lighting loss on a failed to save or even half as much as a successful one.

Note – it is very important to notify yourself with the play with minis (the entire map and the miniatures are even on my Photoshop shown in the TV)

Characters of Lightning bolt

S’mon – Although, the lightning bolt is an area effect spell with a 5’ wide line. There will not be any damage on a save – on the other hand the hold damage would assume an area for too wide to easily avoid.

Talllan – This character is different from the other ones and helps in playing the game even more enthusiastically. Well, those who have not played it must play it once.

Things to be remembered

This game sets fire for the combustibles and it damages objects whatever comes on its way. It can even melt metals with a low melting point; take as lead, copper, bronze, silver, gold as an example. The loss can even more big which can cause one another sort of issues.


while playing Lightning Bolt you need to understand the basics of it. Such as how long it would stay and it’s level, many more things with that! However, the game has its own individuality which cannot be taken and shared in just few words.

But one can definitely experience while playing it and enjoying it. If it has to be described in one word ‘it is awesome and contents its players’. There are many things which one can find out about the game and then start it later.



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