Wow Classic Dungeon Levels

Inevitably, there are millions of games in the online network and all of them entertain us in several ways without any particular terms for sure. Games and popularity are like fire, it just keeps spreading all over the gaming and entertainment industry and it just becomes popular just like it.

However, there are games that have gained fame overnight making it pretty much of the wonderful games for all the online game lovers around. If you are thinking of the game, then yes we are talking about Dungeons and Dragons game that has become totally a famous one and have simply been downloaded by millions of online players online.

However, here we have mentioned a lot about this particular game that is soon going to enter and reach the vanilla version of World of Warcraft in the Dungeon levels for sure.

Why Wow Classic Dungeon

Wow, which is not an expression towards awesome stuff, instead it is the short form for the game World of Warcraft, which has become a recently famous game in the history of the online gaming and the internet and of course in the entire gaming industry as well. Well, if we talk about the game then you need to know that there are quite such levels within the game and of course, it requires some minimum levels to unlock certain features in the game.

If you have played the game, you surely might have heard about the dungeons which are a level in the game, and yes the player must have a minimum number of levels crossed and achieved to unlock this particular dungeon level in the game. At least 5 to 10 levels from the beginning must be unlocked by the player to reach the dungeon level. However, if you are a beginner in the game, then here we have mentioned some of the Dungeon levels of the game.

Dungeon levels list

There are various levels in the game that connects to the Dungeon levels and the list simply goes on and on. As you already know that we need some minimum requirement of levels to be able to reach the classic level of Dungeons within the game and here are those levels to clear you a bit about achieving these levels.

  • Ragefire Chasm is one of the levels that pretty much needs your attention and well you have to cross this particular level as well. To reach this stage you need to cross at least 8 levels.
  • Deadmines would simply require 10 levels from the start that will make you eligible to reach this level again.
  • Shadowfang Keep is another stage or a phase where you would require a minimum level of 14 of the game and it is a part of the Dungeon levels.
  • The stockade is another dungeon level which demands the player to have achieved at least 15 levels from the beginning.


Hence, you now know all the levels of dungeons in the game and it is simply easy for you to achieve them.

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