Dnd Races 5e (5th Edition) – Full GamePlay and Guide

There are many D&D 5e races in the fifth edition of the Dungeons and Dragons game. They all have distinguishing and fantastic powers and characteristics which make them unique from each other. Here is the race list of the characters of the game.

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Dnd Races

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D&D 5e Races in Human 5e

Humans are the most adaptable people who are ambitious. Humans are also innovators and pioneers. They always discover something new. They are also the youngest of the races. They can speak many languages and can learn quickly.



They are strong and elusive and they face challenges every day. They live at the peak of the mountains. Only a few can claim friendships with the Goliath.  Their bodies and appearance look as if they are made out of the mountain.

They can wander freely in the realms of rocks and mountains. The spirits are of the winds because they live amidst it. They have to earn their place in the tribe because they have to prove their power to live.


D&D Aasimar 5e

They serve as the guardians of the law. Their patrons want them to strike at the evil. They are the exemplary characters of the D and D.

They seek justice where there is an injustice. They are the upholders of all the things which are good and true. They have got the special powers to get rid of evil.

The powers help them to stand straight when they are attacked by evil forces. The races contain charisma, healing hands, dark vision and celestial resistance as their special talents and attributes.

Yuanti- Pureblood

Yuan-ti Pureblood 5e D&D

The serpent-like creatures are known for their snake-like appearance. They are the remains of the decadent and ancient human empire.

They have charisma, innate spell casting, magic resistance, dark vision, intelligence, etc. They are mostly smarter than anybody in the room because they have the sense to perceive what they are handling on the battlefield.


They are the established warriors of the oceans deep. They have also become active in the land because there are strong and intelligent.

Triton 5e

They have an appearance like a fish and they are the people who have a civilization in the ocean. They are amphibious so they can swim expertly and breathe underwater.

They are called the guardians of the depths and emissary of the sea. They have the strength and charisma which the game needs. They can control the air and water which gives them an added benefit.


They hail from strange and distant lands quite unknown which makes them mysterious. They look like a cat with a human body. They collect some of the interesting artefacts which they are curious about.

Welcome to Tabaxi Race 5e

They have their eyes on all the wonders of the world. They are skilful like a cat and can jump from one to another easily. They are as flexible as a cat.


They have an alien and unmovable mindset.  They are cold-blooded so their thoughts are very far away from that of the warm-blooded creatures.

Lizardfolk 5th edition races

They can bite and are so cunning that they can get away with anything. They have hungry jaws as their talent and they can also hold their breath for longer periods of time. They have a different set of basic principles than the others.

Lizardfolk 5e


They are born of dragons and as their name suggests the Dragonborn races will walk proudly in the world. Many people are afraid of the Dragonborn.


They are made by the draconic Gods and by the dragon. They are hatched from the eggs of the dragon. They are considered as a race very distinguished and unique.

They are half humanoids and half-dragon and have the best features of both races. They are the faithful servants and true dragons. They are the soldiers of the wars and they are sometimes adrift with no real ambition in life.

     Dragonborn 5e


They are walking in the two worlds but they do not belong to any. They combine the good qualities of elves and human parents. They have human curiosity, inventiveness and also ambition.

Half-Elf D&D 5e

The senses are refined and they got love for nature. They also have the artistic taste of the elves. They are different because of their emotional and physical differences. They watch their family and their best friend’s age because they do not age easily.

Some of the others live with their other half that is the elf kind and they reach adulthood in the timeless realm where their peers will stay as children.


Gnome 5e D&D Races

They are busybodies. They have that enthusiasm that is often not found in other creatures. They live in close-knit communities. There are sounds louder and laughter surrounding the places where the Gnomes reside. They take delight in life and enjoy all of their inventions, investigations, creation, and play.


They inherit the attributes from both sides. They look like humans but have different eye colours that is red, blue or Gray.  They look different and odd.

Genasi 5e

The blood flowing from their veins appears in different colours in each of the Genasi and it is a magical power they contain. They first look like a human at first glance but they are quite different when seen up close.

Genasi 5e


Aarakocra 5e

When seen from below the Aarakocra seem as if they are larger birds but they are actually humanoids with a body like a bird. They will reach a height of about five feet. They have long and narrow legs that taper to the sharper talons. Their heads have the complete appearance of the avian. They look like a parrot and eagle combined which gives them a majestic appearance. They are fastidious about their feathers and look well-groomed.


They live in kingdoms which are rich and majestic. Their halls are carved into the roots of the mountains. There is a continuous echoing of the hammers and picks.

Dwarf 5e D&D Races 5e

They are fully committed to their clan and tradition and have an intense hatred for the orcs and goblins. These are some of the well-known facts about the Dwarves.

They are known for their skilled mining of stones and metal. They stand tall if they height over five feet. They are broader and compact and they can weigh as much as a human because they are strong and sturdy. They are two feet tall. They have the courage and the endurance which makes them a good match for the folks larger than them.


Elf 5e Races D&D

The elves are the people so magical and they belong to the otherworldly race. They live in the world but seem that they are no part of it. They reside in places which are heavenly and ethereally beautiful. They live in the middle of the ancient forests and silvery spires. They glitter in the fairy lights. The elves love nature and artistry. They also like to drift through the air with natural grace.



They are greeted with a lot of stares and glares. Wherever they go they are insulted by the people because of their ghastly looks.

They find mistrust in every eye and they become accustomed to the cruel treatment. Their appearance is not of their making but of the ancestral sin.

Tiefling 5e races in dnd

They and their children are born like that because of the curse. The Tieflings were once part of the human bloodlines and they look like humans because they have originated from them. They have large horns and they may have them in different kinds of shapes.


Bugbear 5e Dnd

They are the nightmare creatures of the other races in the D and D. They are the great and hairy creatures that look forbidding. They sweep through the shadows as still as a cat. They are dexterous, agile and have a powerful build.


D&D 5e Kenku Races

The Kenku is haunted by the ancient crimes that made them without any wings. They are bound by the curse so they could not fly. They wander the world as vagabonds and robbers. They live at the edge of the societies of humans. They steal and survive and have no real ambition in life. They are wise, dextrous and have undergone the training of the Kenku.

Kenku 5e


They live in the planes of their ancestors called the Astral Plane. They are slender and slim humanoids with skin which is rough and leathery.  They have eyes which are bright black in colour.

They have hair which is red or black. They were known to be manipulated and enslaved by the mind flyers so they have the power of psionic abilities. Male and females in this race train heavily in the fields of magic and combat. They are loyal and individualistic in their attitudes.

These are the famous and top races of the Dungeons and Dragons game. You can choose the character from the race you prefer by seeing the characteristics of each of the races in the game.