Barbarian 5E Guide D&D (5th Edition) Class

Barbarian’s square measure distinctive in this they’re the sole category I ever suggest NOT taking your highest ability score and golf stroke it into your main combat stat. Instead, Barbarian 5e ought to take that highest attribute score and place it straight into Constitution.

This high constitution can ramp your hit points up to pretty ridiculous extremes briefly order, however it additionally feeds into a Barbarian’s Unarmored Defence ability.

Your next priority gets a touch more durable as a result of supported however well you rolled, you may have a tough option to build. Assumptive you have got three stats that each one offers a modifier of +2 or additional, I like to recommend taking your next highest and golf stroke it into strength. as well as you can know about barbarian 5e paths for dungeons and dragons character sheet fillable.

All of your combat harm uses your strength thus this can be attending to build life easier for you. However, if your beginning attributes square measure very dangerous you may need to stay that second highest into the facility.

This will increase your AC due to Unarmored Defence however additionally adds to your Initiative thus you’re doubtless to act sooner in combat. I hope this barbarian 5e guide will help to all who are searching for the Barbarian 5th edition D&D.

Barbarian 5E Role & Guide

For some reason, most acceptable art of feminine barbarians includes them carrying some reasonably fur or animal injured bandeau, despite the fact that seventy-fifth of all actual in-game barbarians can still wear nothing higher than the waist.

Barbarian 5E D&D
Barbarian 5th Edition

Tank – A barbarian could be a totally different reasonably tank than a fighter or a hero. Rather than talking with millions of armour and Lay on Hands, barbarians tank with their buff, manly chests.

With a d12 hit dice and therefore the Bear Totem options, you may brush aside any harm coming back your approach. And in contrast to a fighter or a hero, if the enemy tries to ignore you, you may simply kill them instead!

Damage – A barbarian gets scaling bonus to their loss now those they fury, yet as simple accessibility to profit on invasion rolls and a capstone that in reality lets them break the rules on capped stats. It does not matter Rogues? Not as correct Fighters? Not as high harm Paladins? Still not as quick as you in this large armour. Barbarian’s area unit the kings of disturbance harm in D&D.

The Barbarian Class Table

LevelProficiency BonusFeaturesRagesRage Damage
1st+2Rage, Unarmored Defense2+2
2nd+2Reckless Attack, Danger Sense2+2
3rd+2Primal Path3+2
Ability Score Improvement
Extra Attack, Fast Movement
6th+3Path Feature4+2
7th+3Feral Instinct4+2
8th+3Ability Score Improvement4+2
9th+4Brutal Critical (1 die)4+3
10th+4Path Feature4+3
Relentless Rage
12th+4Ability Score Improvement5+3
Brutal Critical (2 dice)
14th+5Path Feature5+3
Persistent Rage
16th+5Ability Score Improvement5+4
17th+6Brutal Critical (3 dice)6+4
18th+6Indomitable Might6+4
19th+6Ability Score Improvement6+4
Primal Champion

The Chassis

HD – You get the very best HD within the game. In fact, the d12 may further are created only for barbarians, since it’s solely used are the beastly greataxe and therefore the barbarian HD. e

Skills and Tools – You get a pair of skills from a tiny low list, however, Perception is thereon listed therefore what will it matter? Skills are really easy to choose up during this game anyway. You get 2 free ones from your background and additional from your race. You get no tool proficiencies.

Armor – You get proficiency with everything except significant armor, therefore no sky blue here, however still higher than average.

Weapons – Everything. Go crazy.

Saving Throws – Strength saves are not that common, however after they do return up they are sometimes meant to induce you removed from one thing that you simply ought to be beating the crap out of, therefore it’s nice that you simply get a bonus to avoid that. Con saves kill you, and if you are dead that cuts into your face-smashing time, therefore certify you roll high.

Ability Scores

Strength: virtually 1/2 the category options in a very barbarian got to do with Strength. You with a minimum of a sixteen during this at level one, however, this is often a stat that you just ought to shoot to own twenty as presently as attainable.

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Dexterity: If you are not getting to wear armor, you must attempt to have this up a touch, as your tertiary stat. Dex saves are common, however, you get a bonus on them anyway. Place a minimum of a twelve in here and advance. If you are a Dex-based barbarian, this is often sky blue and you wish to switch your Star with it.

Constitution: Rage does not offer you hit points, thus get that Con as high as attainable. A minimum amount of a fourteen in here, ideally higher.

Intelligence: Wizards were too sturdy in three.5. Let’s nerve them by creating Int the worst stat within the game! Seriously, for each category except wizard, bard, and esoteric trickster/knowledge cleric/eldritch knight ought to have a “Please place your 8s here” sign up the front of Int.


Athletics: Athletics is used for immeasurable cool combat tricks like shoving, grappling, tripping and mounting onto larger creatures. You get a plus with it whereas you rage and with unsubduable may you cannot roll but a twenty. You will not regret proficiency with this talent.

Intimidate: What the hell is that the purpose of walking around deflecting arrows together with your skeletal muscle if individuals do not faint in worry at the sight of you?

Perception: simply get proficiency in it. Seriously, do not whine. Somebody has got to. May additionally be you. Plus, you get full actions throughout the surprise spherical.


Feats square measure cool and glossy in 5E, however honestly, the barbarian category is packed with abundant most smart that feats simply do not improve it that much.

Alert – The bonus to init checks is sweet, however, you have already got a plus on them. And creatures gain a plus on their attack rolls against you already thanks to Reckless Attack.

the sole real bonus here is that you just cannot be stunned, that stacks well together with your traditional actions throughout surprise rounds, however forward you have got proficiency in Perception and your party plays sensible, you will not be stunned over once or double every week anyway, not price burning a deed on.

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Final Result:

This article shows how to treat your barbarian and how to run it by yourself. You have to only consider and work on its features and logical methods which bring your barbarian level

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