Kobold 5e Race D&D

Kobolds are a race of creatures originating from Germanic mythology, where they were goblin-like malicious spirits that were believed to haunt mines, periodically leaving unpleasant shocks in the form of useless, toxic metal – the aspect we currently called “cobalt”. The ore is normally discovered as sharp fragments, adhered with arsenic oxide. The shards are sharp enough to penetrate boots as well as feet, harming miners and also making them ill as though they were poisoned caltrop traps left by kobolds. A “cobalt bomb” is a proposed nuclear weapon created to poisonous substance a large area with super-radioactive cobalt dust, making the target location unlivable for 105 years. The (relatively) short half-life makes it especially lethal, but possible for your great-grandchildren to recover the vacant region. So watch out for “kobold bombs” or “magic projectiles”. Kobolds are incredibly fecund egg-layers, having the highest birth price (and death rate) of all humanoid types. A female kobold will certainly lay a clutch of hard-shelled eggs 2 weeks after fertilization; the eggs have to be incubated for an added 60 days before hatching. Kobolds get to maturation by the age of 8 or 9 and also are considered “wonderful wyrms” by the age of 121. They measure up to 135 years. While they do bond with one another, they have no idea of monogamy. Kobolds have an extreme hatred for gnomes, with whom they compete for the same locations and also mining rights, along with pixies, brownies, and also sprites. They are usually at war with goblins, and the numerous kobold-goblin wars help keep the populaces of both races to a workable degree. Evarts commonly act as middlemen between kobolds and goblins, normally dominating and also taking out their aggression on the kobolds.

Kobold Statistics

Size: Small Type: Humanoid Tag’s: Kobold

Kobold General Info

Vision: Darkvision Average Lifespan: Usually up to 50 years, max 120 years Diet: Omnivorous Language’s: Common, Draconic,Yipyak Subraces: Aquatic kobold, arctic kobold, desert kobold, dragonwrought kobold, earth kobold, jungle kobold

Kobold Appearance

Average Height: 2′ – 2’5″ ( 60 – 74 cm) Average Weight: 35–45 lbs. (16–20 kg) Distinctions: Small, aggressive, physically durable, industrious, nimble, stealthy


Kobold culture is influenced by its authorized bad alignment. Amongst the ominous humanoids, they are known for cunning plans; unlike several, they additionally share those strategies amongst the people. Kobolds have a natural hatred of other non-draconic animals since of mistreatment of their race. Kobold culture is tribal with warbands based on clans. As many as ten families can be part of a clan. Each clan is responsible for patrolling a ten-mile radius. The most countless kobold people include the Torturers, the Impalers, the Gougers, the Cripplers, and the Mutilators.


The other primary god worshipped by kobolds is Gaknulak, the god of security, stealth, hoax, and traps. Specific kobolds and kobold people might worship various other deities of the draconic pantheon; Tiamat and Io typically play a considerable role in their development misconceptions.


Kobolds talk a variation of the Draconic tongue, with a yipping accent (their voices are said to appear like the audio of lapdogs barking). Some additionally learn to talk Common, Goblin, Orcish, and Under common.

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