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Dungeons & Dragons released a fresh rules book called Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica, providing you with options from Magic: The Gathering. We received our copy of the book a touch late and that we were plagued with the very fact that it had been the vacations, so getting a game together became a search of its own. But after finally getting a gaggle together and spinning through the choices, we’re finally ready and ready to review this 5th Edition book for you and what it’s future for any would-be adventurers who dare tread into Ravnica.

So let’s break the ice on this for a flash . does one got to know what is going on on in Magic: The Gathering so as to use Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica? No! I have been playing MTG for over 20 years of my life, and even I do not know what the hell is occurring within the game and with the storylines half the time. Knowing Ravnica is cool, but it’s not the end-all-be-all of using this guide.

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Dungeons & Dragons Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica

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Publisher: Wizards of the Coast (November 20, 2018)
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Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica

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Let’s touch on the third for a flash, and bear with me as I keep this very simple for review purposes and to not spoil much. Ravnica, in essence, maybe a giant city that spans the world. For ages, people just kept building stuff on top of stuff on top of more stuff on top of all the opposite stuff they forgot was there. Cityscape as far because the eye can see and everybody living in somewhat harmony. And once we say, everyone, we mean everyone. You see dragons within the sky as often as you’d see airplanes today, giants walking down the road, creatures that look both enchanting and hideous living their lives as if Manhattan went on forever and that they all populated it. that’s a hell of a change from D&D worlds where towns are days apart.

Let’s get into your options, and we’ll start with the new 5e races. you’ve got Human and Elf as standards with a few minor changes, but you furthermore may get a replacement breed to mess thereupon aren’t just taken from monster slots in previous books. you’ve got the choice to become a Centaur, Goblin, Loxodon, Minotaur, Simic Hybrid, and Vedalken. All viable options for classes you would possibly suspect and a couple of you would possibly not. All of the quality classes are life, also as a couple of subclasses, but they’re divided among guilds, which we’ll get to during a second. those we had the foremost fun exploring were the Vedalken and therefore the Loxodon because there’s something about blue people and talking elephants that just amused us.

As far because the guilds go, if you’re sticking to Ravnica as your home base of operations, this is often what is going to replace your 5e background feature. Everyone in Ravnica belongs to a guild, and there are 10 to settle on from. very similar to how in regular D&D choosing something just like the Urban Bounty Hunter gets you bonuses and special perks so do being a section of a guild. counting on the sort of creature you chose and therefore the class you went for, it could shape what guild you’re in this makes the most sense. The Izzet and therefore the Golgari were fun to play with, but when messing with a Wizard, as I did, I ended up leaning toward Simic. you do not need to be during a guild, but really, at that time, you just discard free benefits.

If you are a DM looking to create a story, an honest chunk of what happens in Ravnica takes place int the Tenth District, which is split up into six precincts. Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica does about nearly as good of a job because it can offer you all the knowledge you would like to craft this world as you would like to be while still being within the realm of what the planet contains on the regular. you’ve got the liberty to play with what’s here but not enough to completely cripple what’s there and disrupt the idea of what the town is.

Once you get past all of the character-building materials, you discover your way into Chapter 4 of the book, which focuses on creating adventures. Specifically, they wish to specialize in the chaos which will be found throughout the town in several prospects of the clans and officials that run through Ravnica. Everything from inner politics to spiritual faiths to clan wars and even petty disputes. There’s even a neighborhood called “Complications” which I find to be funny as hell, just just in case you are feeling such as you got to give people a reason to be in conflict in Ravnica, which comes with a D8 roll to feature a secondary clan issue to the combination and adding intrigue along the way. There are great opportunities for DMs to possess their run of this world and force people into situations they’ll not like.

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The last little bit of the book gives you an NPC and familiar faces guide in order that those that know the MTG universe will have some names they will recognize. The NPCs are again divided by clan, so you recognize whom to place where and the way their alliances fall. the proper combination of individuals can offer you an extended and thrilling story that will last you many sessions. the incorrect combo will put you within the middle of bloodshed that would end the campaign in two sessions, but what a time those sessions would be! Bear in mind that there are a benefit and a consequence to everyone you add in your game which even the simplest choices can provide dire consequences down the road.

Overall, Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica may be a fine addition to 5E, but I also recognize this is not getting to be for everybody. They eventually figured it out and managed to form it work for them, but DM’s and players alike should recognize that there are people that love Dungeons & Dragons to death but have zero interest in Magic: The Gathering. I might recommend this book for people that have played MTG and understand a touch little bit of what is going on on, or players who want to find out more about this world and need to include more of it. it isn’t impossible to urge people with no interest involved, but do prepare yourself for a steeper climb up the Hill if you are doing.


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