Dnd 5e Feats (5th Edition) List and Guide

Games have become one of a great source of entertainment. This has changed life much in terms of fun. There are so many types of game from indoor to outdoor and these days indoor are overpowering people.

That is why 5e feats (5th edition)  are so much famous when it comes to the game. Today most people are talking about D&D 5e feats this shows talent or an area of expertise which gives a character special ability. It also offers training, abilities and experience beyond what a class gives. At some levels, your class would let you score improvement function.

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There are so many things to do with it and all of them are excited. Life is full of unexpected things but that is not the matter because this is visible in this game.

The feats offer you two cantrips and first level spell. This will not sound much but the cantrips would increase in power just like you do. It does not need any other components plus it deals damage at some point and level. It also means it will always offer you an arm plus you will also do not need a bow, crossbow or throwing the weapon to threaten distant enemies.


  • Combat Feats
  • Discovery Feats
  • Interaction Feats
  • Racial Feats

On the other hand, if you look to the other side it has to offer access to elemental damage and it clearly means it will be a life saver. Talking about of heavy armour master it would give you DR 3/ Vs slashing, bludgeoning and piercing attacks and these things will be pretty useful.

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While playing this game it has so much to offer. There will be so many feats which would give +1 to an attribute in addition to a cool effect.

But if there will be an odd-numbered stat and which will pick it up to the next bonus so this would serve something new to do and experience.

When you will roll a character with 1-2 odd stats it would help round out your attributes when you would work on your character more profitable and interesting than ‘I am stronger now’ or ‘I am smarter now’.

Whereas when you would take a feat all of sudden it will teach you some new skills mainly these three; languages, tools and you will be able to surprise your party.

So when you find an item such as Gauntlets of Ogre strength you would get a free upgrade to a stat. with such mind you will be able to feast early and gobble magic items later for making up any disparages in your attributes.

Unsorted 5e Feats

Feat Prerequisites
Focused Practiser
Weapon SpecialistProficiency in simple or martial weapons.

There are some broken ones. Most overpowered 5e build ever

Warning! This character build is more build that character. The character was specially built for D&D adventure’s league. Where characters get optimized and role-playing will be less common. Although it gives

The concept

when broken mechanics get taken then I knew about and combine them. The most of damages are done along with melee character than a ranged one even unimaginable.

‘there are most of the overpowered in this case means the damage is done to the one target in one turn with no outside help, no reliance on rare or limiting factors (surprise round, imulacrum and wish spell) and adventurer’s League legal, it clearly means you will be able to official employ the PHB +1 official book only (Xanathar’s). Talking frankly it will not need any magic items, either. It has so many things from pony to fun. There will be some factor which you will not be able to ignore but those things could be managed.

Core mechanics

There will be Broken One which would be a Crit- Fishing Double- smiter along with constant Triple advantage and great weapon master. So to make it less there would be the requirement of a four- class- multi and take three feats.

There are even some profits

So if you are willing to get eleven accuracies then there will be a need of the advantage

  • You need to hold the person/monster paralyzes the target and this means all attacks against other things and all hits are Crits. It is also very powerful.
  • Darkness/Devil’s would be cheesy and sometimes soils the party, but it is a way to get profit when it would require it.
  • Shove to Prone. Burns one attack, but hey, there is a possibility to require.
  • If your party has Wolf Totem, Faerie fire, can Stun, Blind, Restrain or otherwise represent your enemy Unconscious, then great but there will not be any dependency on others.
  • Mounted combatant offers profit wherever we can fit our mount. Two words: War. Elephant!
  • There will be animated objects which can employ the help action to offer you profit.
  • Greater Invisibility.

April Fools Feats

Bulk up
Chainmail Bikini Warrior
Hammer and Sickle
Fantastic Role-Player
Spooky Scary Skeleton

There are lots of attacks

There will be fighter which would give us action surge for adding an action to a turn. The Eldritch Invocation thirsting blade would offer us 2 attacks per action. There will be a weapon master offer us a Bonus action attack if you Crit or Kill something.

Make them hurt

The Eldritch Invocation Eldritch Smite will let us employ our Warlock spell slots to add spoil once per turn similar to divine smite. There will be those spell slots from 9 levels of a sorcerer (and half of our paladin levels).

On the other hand, double when we Crit. Doubling 4d8 Eldritch Smite + 5d8 Divine Smite = 18d8 on one attack. There will be four more attacks to add divine smites to.

There will be 5e feats

  • Dragon Hide (XGE)
  • Drow High magic
  • Dungeon Delver
  • Elemental Adept
  • Fey Teleportation (XGE)


These are some profit which makes this game interesting. 5e feats D&D are one of the best game. It has captured the largest part among the interesting game.

So keep all these things in mind to play. These steps are very easy to understand and follow. Play this game and single out the best 5e feast. There will be core mechanics and there will be so many things in it.

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